Airborne coronavirus transmission – Covid-19 could be spread by particles in the air

Our team at FFP3 Face Masks has decided to share important information regarding the possibility of airborne coronavirus transmission. It has recently emerged that in an indoor setting and in closed spaces, airborne transmission could NOT be ruled out by leading scientists. Essentially, there is a possibility that the virus can pass from person to person through shared spaces and not only through coughing and sneezing. Scientists are still researching and gathering evidence to provide a clearer picture to UK citizens, eager to get back to a normal professional and social lifestyle.

More information on this is available via the BBC Website link below:

Airborne coronavirus transmission - Covid-19 could be spread by particles in the air

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Recommendations for protecting yourself from Covid-19 if it is airborne?

The protective measures we take remain as important as ever. Prevention is always better than the cure. It is also the time for reviewing the current precautions we all take and a time for planning. Our encounters with larger groups of people and the reintroduction of social activities means people are more exposed than ever. The standard Face Masks with filters or any face coverings are good at protecting you from pollution and filter certain particulates. However, they do not come close to offering the same protection as Valved and unvalved FFP3 Face Masks. This is obviously reflected in the price difference between these products. The cost increase is certainly justifiable when you inspect the products in comparison to each other. The materials used in manufacture and the stringent testing required for products to be marked FFP3 is the main reason for this difference.

FFP3 Mask procurement

Our team has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure our products are of the highest standards on the market. And fully compliant with all  requirements stipulated by EU law and UK trading standards. Our supply chain has been carefully monitored throughout to provide our customers with confidence. And we have been successful in getting masks to our customers the next day on orders before 12pm.

PPE on the UK market

As we review the current PPE on the market, we see a wide selection of products that protect us in low risk situations. Face coverings are an effective barrier. However, only an FFP3 Face Mask can offer respiratory protection from viruses such as the coronavirus, in high risk situations. It is after all the method of protection used by front line medical professionals.

This current state of affairs further emphasizes the need for the British public to follow government guidance AND implement their own effective routine for limiting the transmission of the virus. Transmission can be via close contact with an infected individual or possibly through airborne coronavirus transmission.

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