Best facemasks for travelling – choose an FFP3 Mask!

Best facemasks for travelling – choose an FFP3 Mask!

FFP3 Face Masks are the best facemasks for travelling and provide the best protection against covid 19. As the UK opens its airports back up and begins to permit international travel, the responsibility for staying protected shifts back to each one of us as individuals. We must take a phased approach back to normality but remain cautious.

Best facemasks for travelling

The UK has regained control over the coronavirus pandemic and built a system to keep the virus under control. A new traffic light system for holiday makers, where countries have been catagorised according to risk, and an adapted testing system. Alongside such measures, we must also continue to wear masks to protect against the transmission of Covid. Masks are still a highly effective way to reduce and prevent the spread of covid-19 in our community and in the international community.


Important: you can find covid travel advice here –

Facemasks for travelling - How FFP3 Facemasks protect holiday makers

The best facemasks for traveling, without a doubt, are FFP3 rated face masks. Both models (valved and unvalved) provide respiratory protection to the wearer by filtering out viruses and bacteria. International travel presents the problem of people from different countries mixing in airports and on airplanes. Managing distance is not so simple in an airport or aircraft.

Tested & Certified FFP3 Masks in the UK

Visit our shop to view all our products. All items are CE certified, sourced in the United Kingdom where possible and stocked in our UK warehouse for next day dispatch.


FFP3: Face Masks offering the highest protection levels. Used by frontline health professionals and social care providers to protect staff and patients from the risk of Covid 19 transmission

Type IIR: Surgical fluid repellent masks offering a barrier, suitable for daily use but do not offer the same respiratory protection as FFP3 Masks

Face Shields: The perfect companion to the FFP3 or Type IIR masks. Provide splash protection and protect the eyes and face from particles. These can be reused.  Please contact us on 0113 320 6667 for bulk Face Shield orders

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