NEW COVID-19 STRAIN: Masks protect against the new strain of Covid-19 in the UK & variants of Coronavirus

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Yes, FFP3 Masks protect against the new strain of Covid-19 in the UK. Before discussing how FFP3 masks offer protection against the new strain of covid-19. Let us first summarise the current climate we live in.

Protection against the new strain & variants of Coronavirus

FFP3 Face Masks: The fight against covid-19 & new strains of coronavirus

As the British public continues  to endure restrictions imposed by the government, frustration has reached a new high point. Despite the limits to our daily lives, we must continue to push through and remain calm in the midst of the continued storm. We must proceed with caution and maintain our practice of protecting the NHS, protecting our loved ones and keeping ourselves out of harm’s way. Is it not the most British of practices to keep calm and carry on? Is it not the resilience which has seen us through wars and diseases far forgotten? As we wait for the vaccination roll out we must continue to use the tools at our disposable to limit the spread. FFP3 Face Masks are a proven and test method of protecting yourself from contracting Covid. FFP3 Valved and FFP3 unvalved masks are both masks that offer protection against the new strain of Covid-19.

How masks protect against the new strain of Coronavirus and other Covid-19 mutations?

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The new strain of Coronavirus has reached our shores from Brazil. Adding to the existing, highly infectious, variant which was recently discovered primarily in the south of England. As the battle continues by our healthcare workers, we see mutations appearing from other parts of the world. A new South African strain of Covid has also surfaced and is causing worldwide concern. FFP3 masks work in a different way to other masks. They fit tightly to the face, covering the nose and mouth. All air breathed in passes through the filter material which has been specifically designed and tested to filter out harmful bacteria and particles. The FFP3 grade required the fabric to be able to block 99% of bacteria and particles. At FFP3 Face Masks UK we stock only the highest quality masks to ensure users benefit from the FFP3 benefits. The main benefit is the proven protection against Coronavirus and particle intake.


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FAR FROM A SALES PITCH – FFP3 Respirator Masks

It continues to be the case that FFP3 Respirator Face Masks offer the highest level of masked protection against contracting Covid-19 and its new strains. Virologists and scientists have estimated that the newly discovered forms can be up to 70% more transmissible. This has already been identified as one of the reasons for the sharp increase in Coronavirus cases in recent weeks. Using an FFP3 Valved Face Mask or and FFP3 Unvalved Face Mask has formed part of the daily attire for our medical practitioners, key workers and civilians alike.

We pride ourselves on continuing to play a vital role in the supply of Covid-19 protective masks. Our FFP3 Masks are UK tested and dispatched on a daily bases across the united kingdom.
Simplified reminder of how an FFP3 Mask protects you from Viruses:

FFP3 masks are made of specialist materials, the material allows them to filter out finer particles. They are vigorously lab tested to ensure compliance with the FFP3 standard. This ensures they are fit for purpose. They come in valved and unvalved form. The valve on the front of the mask enables the release of exhaled air, preventing heat and moisture build-up which provides user comfort. The Valved version provides one-way protection (protecting primarily the user), whereas the unvalved version offers two-way protection.

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Valved FFP3 Respirator Masks:

Unvalved FFP3 Respirator Masks:

Our FFP3 Respirator masks fall under the Level 2 PPE Category (As categorized by many hospitals). which should be worn for aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) normally where a patient is suspected or there is a confirmed case of COVID-19, plus patients who are on an amber risk pathway.


We are one of the leading UK FFP3 Face Mask Suppliers and encourage frontline health workers to consult their industry specific guidance on the use of PPE. The British Medical Association and the NHS provide these. Our information is to be used as a general guide.

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