FFP3 Face Mask (1pc)


UK-tested and CE certified face mask offering the highest FFP3 grade protection. Protect yourself and filter against bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, dust, smoke & aerosol – our FFP3 masks have a minimum filter efficiency of 99%.

The low profile design provides an excellent vision range, fits comfortably to the face and can easily be accompanied by glasses or safety goggles. The adjustable nosepiece and head loop design gives the user the perfect fit for any facial shape.

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FFP3 protection – 99% filtration efficiency, 1% total inward leakage, 1% max breathing resistance
Non-woven protective surface, melt-blown filter layer and skin friendly non-woven inner layer
Adjustable nosepiece for the perfect fit
Head loop design
Low breathing resistance for increased working comfort
UK CE tested and certified according to the EN149:2001 & A1:2009 Standard


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