As consumers we want the best possible Face Mask for Covid-19 to effectively protect ourselves and our families. Covid-19 has come uninvited and unexpected. Many of us have just started looking in to how we can transition back in to a normal working routine. This switch will need to take place in a safe and careful manner. Identifying the different types of protection is now more important than ever.

Latest news on Face Masks for Covid-19 protection

Many news outlets have written about the different types of masks available to people. The article below by BBC News details various mask differences and may help you to select the best Face Mask for Covid-19 protection.

The masks come in many shapes and sizes. Standards and testing are used to help users identify the quality and use boundaries. We use filters and valves to assist with air release. These valves are not always ideal as some close care settings require masks without valves to use. At FFP3 Face Masks we have selected a high quality mask that offers our users the optimum protection. This is the product we recommend as the best Face Mask for Covid-19 protection. The reason for that is simple; FFP3 certified masks filter our viruses.

Getting back to work

We understand that our customers want to have the freedom to move between home, work and to shop safely. The environment around us has shaped our attitude towards this pandemic. Proactive consumers are overwhelm by the adverts for PPE and mask suggestions available online. Our team has therefore decided to regularly provide UpToDate user friendly content to help keep the British public informed.

Pre Pandemic FFP3 Face Masks uses for Covid-19 protection

Before the pandemic started respirators were already in circulation. Specialist units and unique industries have been using face masks for years. As the BBC article mentions they tended to us full face respirators for cases where tuberculosis and measles were suspected. But now the range of masks we see is much greater and even in healthcare providers everywhere across the world are using face mask respirators at a much higher rate and for the protection of healthcare staff and patients.

National PPE

As part of the National PPE limited group we have taken a keen interest in the coronavirus pandemic. With a vision of providing the best PPE on a national level. We are doing our part and delivering our products at competitive rates and with next day delivery where possible.

Type two types of FFP3 UK tested masks we currently offer are shown below and you will get more information on the product page.

The two types of masks sold by:

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