UK FFP3 Mask demand

January 2021, UK FFP3 Mask demand still remains high. Despite recent progress in the UK’s vaccination program, the majority of the population are still awaiting immunisation.  Please continue to read this article for information about how you can use our products and the efficacy of FFP3 Mask use.

UK vs Coronavirus

Recent data shows the R number reducing and the NHS seems to be getting to grips with the number of hospital admissions. Yet UK FFP3 Mask demand continues to be high. The statistics keep changing and it is vital to stay up to date with how many cases are present in your local area and nationally. As of the 31 January 2021, 21,088 was the number of people who tested positive for Coronavirus (Source: The rate per 100K of resident population is in the region of 287.6.

How do the daily figures affect the UK FFP3 Mask supply and what do FFP3 Face Masks do to help reduce these figures?

FFP3 Face masks are one of the most effective ways of protecting yourself and others from the likelihood of contracting Covid-19. As you go about your daily routine, which despite lockdown measures, still involves some form of unavoidable human contact. The risks of encountering a covid positive fellow citizen remain high. Wearing a mask creates a barrier between people. Making sure the barrier is suitable and protective is a key way in which we can reduce the spread and control transmission. FFP3 Face Masks provide the highest protection barrier. This is because of the way they are manufactured and tested. FFP3 Respirator masks, such as the ones we stock, are some of the only masks which are tested and have passed the tests of filtering our viruses including coronavirus. This is indeed the reason healthcare providers use FFP3 Face Masks without a valve to protect themselves and patients from the spread of the disease. Luckily, the NHS have a grip on their supply of personal protective equipment. This has enabled us to not only supply key health industries but in tandem we are supplying the nation with a product that we know is UK tested and CE Certified to offer the protection needed.

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Personal Protective Equipment is no longer in short supply for the NHS and the highest level of protection is available for all UK citizens

FFP3 Mask without valve

As the NHS has established control over its FFP3 Face Mask supply chain, we can now focus our attention on the unseen national effort of protecting the British public and helping everyone return to normality. This has also meant that shipping and freight costs have reduced We have past these savings on to our customers and now offer one of the cheapest fully certified FFP3 masks available.

If you’re looking to purchase a trusted and safe pack of FFP3 masks in the UK from a UK registered Face Masks supplier, with free next day delivery on orders over £20 and speak to customer service representatives who are happy to assist via all communication forms, then you have landed on the right website.

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